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The Classic Spaceman were Lego's first Space minifigure made in 1978 for Classic Space. They made three variations originally white, yellow and red. Later in 1984, they introduced another two variations, black and blue. Black, however, is the rarest minifigure, included in very few sets.


The Classic Spaceman has a unique helmet piece which was not seen in any other space theme of Lego. The helmet is made so you're unable to put a visor on. The helmet is no longer in production. The Red Classic Spaceman is undoubtably the most popular of the Classic Spacemen. There was originally two versions of the helmet, one with side dimples that can accommodate specific visor-like accessories (no longer in production), and one without dimples. shortly after, LEGO released a second genaration of helmets with thicker chinstraps, because the first generation‘s chinstraps would break off by normal use.

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