Is the first space theme. It had many different sets and minifigures that lasted for about 10 years.

Details and OverviewEdit

The theme of classic space was never an official theme of it's proclaimed time

Symbol 1978-1988

, but it was the first Lego space theme (not counting LEGOLAND space) in its time. It was referred to as the Space sets. Although it had a basic name it was a big step for Lego. Many new elements were developed. An example would be from 926 Command Centre introducing a Moonbase plate, several computer moniters which were new and the introduction of the Classic Spaceman minifigure.


There isn't really any specific background of a faction or story, you see it was only a moral voided theme that consited of no relevent story. It was up to the Lego builder to imagine whatever story they wanted. Most of the Lego themes back in that time where made to be of that design.




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