Lego Blacktron was introduced in 1987 and went to 1990. When Blacktron first appeared they were claimed as moral voided. Then with the introduction of Space Police I it made Blacktron turn into the first antagonists of Lego Space being hunted down and captured by the Space Police for wrong doing. Blacktron introduced many Black elements into Lego space that had not been used before and some Blacktron minifigures were also included in Space Police sets.

The Blacktron symbol

Blacktron soon led to the creation of Blacktron II.


Blacktron were the Antagonists of Lego Space destroying and stealing from the civilians of Futuron and later M-tron as well. The Space Police I were formed to capture Blacktron and stop them from attacking Futuron and M-tron.



  • Blacktron is supposedly a group of space pirates.
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